29th of May, 2022 has made history as Park View City has partnered up with the world-renowned international architectural firm, Brewer Smith Brewer Group. As always, Park View City has chosen the best to create and provide the best for its residents and investors.

As Park View City’s Open House in Dubai commenced, the signing of BSBG as the leading design and developmental firm for Park View City became the highlight of the event as Chairman Vision Group Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, CEO of Park View City Lahore Mr. Shoaib Siddiqui and CEO Park View City Islamabad Mr. Omar Farooq Mannan were also present.

The signing was done by Director Vision Group Mr. Abdul Rehman Khan and has begun a beautiful partnership between the two organizations.

This partnership is one that will create marvels that last for generations. BSBG is hired for its expertise in creating amazing and beautiful architecture that will rival the amazing aesthetics of European countries. BSBG has already been consulting for Park View City Downtown Islamabad and now they will be working in full capacity across Park View City for different projects.

We are confident that this partnership will make Park View City a wonder of Pakistani residential living, and give our residents and investors the best living experience that they can imagine!

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