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Underground Electricity

ParkView City Islamabad maintains the beauty that surrounds the area and supplies its residents with underground electricity so that your views of our beautiful society are never obstructed.


To nurture a healthy and happy community, ParkView City Islamabad has developed numerous parks across all our blocks that provide a good range of activities for people of all ages.


ParkView City Islamabad prides itself on having 24/7 security. Our highly trained security personnel are well equipped and stationed all over the society and perform regular patrols throughout the beautiful ParkView City Islamabad.

Dancing Fountain

The Dancing Fountains at the Downtown Islamabad Lake are the biggest attraction of our beautiful Capital City. Be mesmerized by the soothing movements of the water fountains at the most in-demand commercial area of Islamabad.

Commercial Hub

ParkView CIty Islamabad is undoubtedly the next big commercial hub of the capital city. Boasting amazing commercial areas like Downtown Commercial and The Walk, ParkView City has also created a business district and a shopping mall. The Downtown Commercial also features a lake that will serve as the biggest attraction for residents of the twin cities.

Food Court

In the beautiful backdrop of lush green hills sits ParkView City Islamabad’s very own Food Valley Food Court. The aptly named Food Valley features brands that offer delicious cuisines from both local and international cuisines. Enjoy an amazing meal with friends and family while you enjoy the view of the beautiful valley right below you. 




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