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ParkView City Lahore is unmatchable when it comes to easy access from both North and South of Pakistan. Having the advantage of being situated right next to the motorway, people from both Multan and Islamabad can be sure the first place they cross will be our beloved society. With easy access to Lahore’s L-20 Ring Road, accessing any area of Lahore City is a matter of minutes.

Underground Electricity

To make sure that we provide our residents with the utmost luxury experience, ParkView City Lahore supplies electricity to its residents via underground cables. Enjoy the beautiful views of ParkView City Lahore without obstruction from unruly electrical wires.


As our beautiful society grows, ParkView City Lahore makes sure that our residents live as a thriving community. For this purpose, numerous parks have been developed across ParkView City Lahore so that both adults and kids can enjoy their evenings and lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.


ParkView City Lahore provides 24/7 security to its residents. Our highly trained security personnel are well equipped and stationed all over the society and perform regular patrols throughout the beautiful ParkView City Islamabad.


ParkView City Lahore is home to The National School which provides education to children from the very foundation such as Kindergarten to College Level studies which include both A-Levels and Intermediate studies. The National School’s Campus is well equipped to support extra curricular activities for students and has fully equipped labs and spaces for all subjects and studies.


ParkView City Lahore is well aware that we have an abundance of child residents, which is why we are always creating new spaces for them to enjoy in our beautiful society. ParkView City Zoo is home to a number of exotic animals which are a joy to watch and the zoo is well designed to serve as a place to have a nice stroll in the evening.




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