ParkView City Islamabad’s “Azadi Ke Rang” Celebrations Illuminate 76th Independence Day
Independence Day

ParkView City Islamabad celebrated 76th Independence Day with a vibrant two-day event named ‘Azadi Ke Rang.’

The event took place on August 13th and 14th, 2023, showcasing a vibrant fusion of patriotism, entertainment, and sustainable initiatives at ParkView City Islamabad.

The festivities commenced on the evening of August 13th with an exhilarating live musical performance, harmonizing with anthems that echoed the heart and soul of the nation. This euphoric start paved the way for the much-anticipated drone show, painting the night sky with a symphony of lights. Attendees engaged in insightful Q&A sessions seized opportunities to win exciting giveaways, and basked in the festive atmosphere.

August 14th, the second day of the celebration, commenced with a poignant flag-raising ceremony accompanied by the national anthem. Amid the array of activities that unfolded, one noteworthy moment stood out—the unveiling of ParkView Electric vehicles.

This event marked a significant stride in the direction of a greener future and environmental conservation, emblematic of ParkView City’s unwavering commitment to sustainable transportation practices. Notably, this momentous occasion was graced by the esteemed presence of DG Environment.

The event culminated in a meaningful tree plantation ceremony, reinforcing the shared responsibility of safeguarding the planet for future generations.

Expressing his views, CEO ParkView City Islamabad, Mian Omer Farooq Mannan, stated, “On this Independence Day celebration, let us reflect on the significance of ‘Azadi ke Rang’ – the vibrant colors of freedom that define our nation’s spirit. Just as these colors weave a tapestry of unity, so does our commitment to progress and sustainability at ParkView City.

As we rejoice in our independence, let us remember the seeds of hope we planted during the recent plantation drive, nurturing our environment for generations to come. Also, I am thrilled to inaugurate the new fleet of cars based on solar panel technology, a testament to our dedication to clean energy and a healthier planet.

Together, with the spirit of freedom and a sustainable vision, we continue to build Pakistan as a progressive country.”

DG Environment praised ParkView City for its remarkable efforts in advancing toward a greener future. “As we celebrate the spirit of freedom, we must also remember our responsibility towards sustainability and ecological balance. We applaud the exemplary efforts of ParkView City in taking significant strides toward a greener future. Their dedication to solar-based vehicles not only reduces carbon emissions but also sets a precedent for sustainable transportation. Their commitment to a Greener Pakistan through a ‘Plant a Tree’ initiative showcases genuine concern for our country’s well-being.”

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