A beautiful house is generally the first concern, but, after security. The earlier generations have lived in a very secure environment where people used to go around freely but now it’s hard to find a place where kids can go and play unguarded. Greenery nurtures the mind and soul but which park to trust to send our kids and old ones to? All these concerns have halted the major activities that used to be a part of our daily life.
We are surrounded by so many environmental issues like ozone layer is depleting, poisonous gases are all around us which are affecting physical and mental health, water availability, Pakistan is considered to be a water scarce country and water reservoirs are continuously reducing.

Amidst all these issues, Parkview a housing society with a slogan of ‘A heaven on earth’ has come forward to provide people with an ideal environment that aims to resolve all such issues.
CDA approved Parkview city, is a gated-society with a 24/7 security system, the society has put several surveillance cameras for the security and is monitored completely as well, hence, handling the major issues wide. Who doesn’t want to live in a secure and safe environment after all?
Global warming and increased green house effect has affected the atmosphere globally and Pakistan is one of the countries that has suffered the most out of it. Considering this very point, Parkview city has increased the plantation and greenery within its premises to ensure the fresh and clear environment for its worthy residents.

Moreover, Parkview is surrounded by a lush green botanical garden based on 725 acres of the land. The society has tried its best to keep the natural contours. The temperature of the society is 2 to 3 degrees lesser than the normal temperature of main Islamabad.
Another interesting factor that makes it unique is the higher chance of rainfall than the main Islamabad.

Parkview City has made a lake in one of the blocks of the society and few fountains are built to enhance the beauty.
To manage water situation, Parkview city will be providing its residents the clean water to cater all the needs as the process of making reservoirs of 2,50,000 gallon water is under way.
Load-shedding is not un-known to any of us, Parkview is building its own electric grid to make the society load-shedding free zone. Not to forget that all the electric work will be underground and you can hardly see a wire hanging out in here. Isn’t it amazing? It is.

The mosque based on Turkish model is under-construction and will be completed soon, this surely will be a sight of attraction for not the residents of the society only but everyone.
It would be so unfair not to mention the centralized commercial project of society that will be based on the model of downtown of Dubai with the outlets of all the national and international recognized brands and a Cinema. The commercial area is set to serve the population of 1 million.
With all these facilities, Safe and secure, healthy environment, Population and load-shedding free area. Is there any other place you want to go?
I bet NO.

And, have you seen the width of the MAIN ACCESS ROAD? Well you should, The main access road of society is 200ft wide and the roads within the society are of width 50 ft. So, what are you waiting for? Book the plot and make your dream come true, ASAP.

Mahnoor Khalid
23rd November,2019.

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