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How park view city Islamabad is a pre planned society keeping the climate and structure of landscape. Read more

The month of Monsoon is a very important month for the Eco system. Monsoon season is a great source of water and keeps the natural Eco system running, but provides a good reservoir of water. As a result, animals, plants and humans benefit from them. In modern times humans harvest this for multiple purposes. From watering fields & plants to generating electricity. A proper urban city includes a good drainage system with different sewage lines which make sure the continuous flow of water. Rain water harvesting is one of the effective method to store and cycle water.

Monsoon season can be a problem if there is no proper planning and infrastructure. This mostly result in third world countries with poor city planning and maintenance. The recent monsoon season hit our main cities very badly. In Past, flooding was only limited to villages or areas which were near to nullas and rivers. Climate change and inadequate city planning are main causes of flooding in cities. This year monsoon rain has affected Sindh and Punjab and mainly their capitals, Karachi & Lahore badly. This resulted in power outages, blackouts and different incidents which took human lives.

Rain Harvesting in Park View:

Park View City Islamabad has long recognized this problem and acknowledged it. This is the reason that the society has already included the rain harvesting system in its plans of society.

Our commercial hub called Downtown Islamabad will have a central lake of around 200-300 kanal, whose main source of water will be from rain.The planning department of Park View City Islamabad has paid special attention to drainage and sewerage system to make sure the continuous flow of water.

Our electrical system is completely underground to avoid any incident. If you want a life without any worry with a healthy and safe lifestyle, Park View City Islamabad is your best option. This unique housing society is one of a kind in Islamabad with breathtaking views and state of the art infrastructure. Park View City is the only CDA Approved housing society in Zone IV of Islamabad. Plots are available on easy installment plans from 1 to 3 year.

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