We at Park View City Islamabad warmly invited our residents to witness the most spectacular and grand New Year Event ever held! They experienced the biggest family festival in the city which included an incredible Firework show, a large food court offering a variety of different cuisines, 3D Map Projection for entertainment, a unique Holographic Show, a Magic and Puppet Show for the young guests, and a Musical Concert for everyone to enjoy and sway to the rhythmic beats.

Our residents looked forward to the event with great anticipation, and we made sure to delight them by all means! We were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming response shown by our citizens as the festival turned out to be the biggest event of Twin Cities where over 10,000 cars and over 15,000 people attended to start off the new year loud and proud! The event was largely publicised on all social media platforms and the hype was definitely real as the spectators gave a largely positive response after attending the function.   

Our large-scale New Year event was hosted by Shehzad Khan and Shiza Hashmi. They made sure to engage the audience at all times and kept the activities flowing smoothly. An extended Firework Show was held to start off the New Year with a bang! Joy and laughter filled the air as families gazed upon the biggest firework display they had ever witnessed. Children gathered around in excitement as the colorful lights made the event all the more entertaining. Along with fireworks, the grand Holographic Show of various animals and the 3D Map Projection of vibrant patterns made the pitch black sky so dazzling that one could not take one’s eyes off such a brilliant spectacle. Moreover, a huge stage was set up for the musical festivities to take place. The famous band, Raga Boyz and the rising singer, Nirmal Roy contributed the catchy tunes of the night. It was certainly a marvellous sight to see the audience freely dancing and having the time of their lives. It cannot be denied that children add life to any event, and for their amusement, we organised a special Puppet and Magic Show to make their experience with us unforgettable. We even included a Kids Area for the children to play heartily.  Aside from all the physical entertainment, we catered to our residents with the most delicious food options for a complete fun-filled experience. Families relished their favorite foods such as live Barbecue, hot and savoury desi dishes, juicy burgers and pizzas, and much more! What could be greater than welcoming the New Year with your loved ones in such an entertaining way? Indeed, it was a memorable night for everyone present.

All in all, we hope that the New Year proves to be promising for everyone and turns out to be as amazing as our grand event. The Park View team is really grateful to everyone who participated in our mega-event and made it sensational! We at Park View City Islamabad always try our best to delight our residents and arrange such major events so that they feel at home and a part of the Park View family in the truest sense. We look forward to organising even bigger and better events in the future. Keep visiting our social media channels for the latest updates. Stay tuned!    

Food Court at Park View City


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