ParkView City hosted “Downtown Islamabad: The Next Chapter Investors Meetup” to update its partners and investors on the project’s progress and the promising economic potential of Downtown Islamabad.

The event was held at the project site within ParkView City, Islamabad, and it marked a pivotal moment in the development of Pakistan’s premier lakeside commercial hub.

The atmosphere was electric as esteemed guests, investors, and developers gathered to celebrate this significant milestone.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, Chairman Vision Group, emphasized the transformative impact of Downtown Islamabad on Pakistan’s commercial sector. He highlighted how this project is poised to elevate the nation’s tourism industry and make a substantial contribution to economic stability.

Mr. Fareed Zaka Bajwa, Director Sales & Marketing ParkView City, added to the excitement by showcasing the unique features of Downtown Islamabad. He described it as a one-of-a-kind lakeside commercial hub, featuring a sprawling 100-Kanal man-made lake and the country’s largest dancing fountain. Mr. Bajwa underscored the project’s appeal to entrepreneurs looking to establish their ventures.

Dr. Shahid Mahmud, Chairman & CEO Interactive Group of Companies, has asserted that technology is advancing globally, and the world is progressing at a rapid pace. With this rapid growth, Pakistan is set to become the 5th largest economy.

ParkView City is one of the few societies around the world that is saving millions of dollars through its eco-friendly initiatives and is adopting technology that will enable it to recycle and refuel autonomously in the next few years.

In a heartfelt gesture, ParkView City also recognized its authorized sales partners for their unwavering dedication and exceptional performance. The event acknowledged the remarkable commitment of Beijing Water Design’s team, responsible for the rapid construction of the 100-Kanal man-made lake and the country’s largest dancing fountain. The fountain is on track to be fully operational by December 31, 2023.

Guests received comprehensive updates on the rapid progress of Downtown Islamabad and gained insights into forthcoming projects within ParkView City. The event served as a testament to the success and collaborative spirit behind ParkView City’s initiatives, which are reshaping Pakistan’s real estate and investment landscape.

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