Park View City is happy to announce that the long-awaited Overseas block is finally here. All those who were looking forward to the balloting of plots for the Overseas Block will be glad to hear that 29th July 2022 is the date the Lahore balloting will start.

As always Park View City has never compromised on bringing interested parties and investors the best living experience ever in Pakistan. With the Overseas Block, we have once again delivered on the promised time and will continue to do so with other projects and expansions.

Prerequisite to Qualify for Balloting

The ones who have made Payments on the 27th of May or before are the only ones who will be included in the balloting process. Plot distribution will commence after one month.

Once again Park View City has proven that it always delivers everything that it promises. The Overseas Block is one of the most anticipated blocks of Park View City, with top-of-the-line amenities and exclusive entrances, schools, and security, the overseas block is fit for anyone who is accustomed to life abroad.

We congratulate everyone who has successfully become part of this balloting and hope to see you soon as part of our great society.

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